V-EAT-nam, part 2

The Vietnamese coffee maker is infamous for making a slow, thick brew. Put sweetened condensed milk in the glass first for a “white coffee.”
See the coffee beans on the bush?
Da Lat pizza (banh trang nuong): a beaten egg spread on rice paper cooked over an open fire with green onions, a mystery sauce, and some pork floss.
Dragon fruit is the product of a cactus they train to grow up concrete poles.
I’m in love with these sweet little bananas. I hope to find them at the Asian markets at home.
Bananas hanging out in the wild in the Mekong delta.
banh canh (thick noodle soup)
fine dining at the Temple Club in Saigon as part of the Spice Roads tour: fish, veg, rice
coffee panna cotta, citron mousse, sesame seed mung bean ball
Tous les jours bakery in Saigon
This was a fantastic green papaya salad at Saigon’s hip restaurant Anan. I chatted up famous chef-owner Peter Cuong Franklin at the bar without knowing who he was until much later.
Sticky rice is my favorite food, ever. I tried all seven flavors: red bean, peanut, black, pandan, carrot, purple, and coconut.
Rambutans have a tasty white flesh inside the wild outer covering.
This delectable goodness is a creamed avocado base with a scoop of coconut ice cream and some shredded coconut and crunchies on top.

4 thoughts on “V-EAT-nam, part 2

  1. In Vietnam, banh hoi (from part 1) was my favorite street food. In restaurants, green papaya salad was always so refreshing. If you’re in northern Virginia, some of these dishes, such as banh khoai, can be found at Four Sisters. I also can’t wait to check out Arlington’s Eden Center restaurants with new eyes now.


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