Gulf of Thailand

After crossing the border, the last two days of cycling were in Thailand along the gulf coast.
–Krong Pailin to Chantaburi, 26 miles, mostly flat, cloudy, 80s and humid
–Chantaburi to Laem Mae Phim, 50 miles, hills, drizzle, windy, 80s

Bike lanes!
The one puddle we encountered, our guide pointed to it and said, “Cambodia.” (Ouch.)
Squid (or as our guide says, “squish”) fishing is a major industry here, and the green lights used as the lure are an eerie sight at night. (borrowed photo) The lights can even be seen from space.
Wat Pak Nam Khaem Nu
Our rest stops in Cambodia and Thailand have been on temple grounds, which are open to all comers for temporary respite. This is a rare blue temple, perhaps as a nod to the nearby gulf.
Hitting this giant gong three times is supposed to bring you fame. It resounded with the loudest and lowest thunderous growl I have EVER heard. It was SO COOL!
Ahoy, monks!
visiting a Thai royal navy ship that is now a museum
Our guide is determined to share every dish in Thailand with us.
L-R: Curry, seafood salad, ginger chicken, sweet pork with a special leaf, morning glory, vegetables with sardine sauce, and crab cakes.
Prawn/shrimp farming is huge here.
roots of the golden mangrove field
800 miles, 3 countries, 23 days

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