Bye-bye Bangkok

Some scenes from the recovery days before heading home.

Royal Palace grounds
flower market
Once referred to as the Venice of the East, Bangkok had an extensive canal network, some of which still remains. The bike tour was great!
We cycled some impossibly narrow alleys (“soi”), especially in the old section known as Thonburi.
blessing the community
Khao San Road, perhaps akin to Bourbon Street in New Orleans
Old Siam Market
Wat Arun
The colorful currency speeds up transactions since I don’t have to look at the numbers.
That costs 50 baht? Aha, the blue one!
The river and canal water taxis are fun, cheap, and faster than the gridlocked streets.
I made it back to my room just in time to avoid the daily storm.
the day the rain came early
Wild and crazy tuk tuk ride!
My mom’s former exchange student Wachiraphon arranged a nice dinner with a great view.
the view from the tallest building, King Power Maha Nakhon


Chef Leez cooking class was EXCELLENT!
There is nothing like grating it fresh to make your own coconut milk and coconut cream.

nori roll and mango smoothie at vegetarian restaurant May Kaidee
May’s famous mango black sticky rice. It was worth coming to Bangkok just to eat this, my all time favorite food ever.
Thai sweet crepes, or khanom buang, are seriously delicious.
did not eat
Street food: assemble your own pad thai to taste, and they cook it for you. Great idea!

temple exterior detail from royal palace grounds
The palace temples and buildings glitter at night.

2 thoughts on “Bye-bye Bangkok

  1. Oh wow, I didn’t realize you were gonna meet up with Wachiraphon. Very cool. I hope he is doing well. You looked fabulous, by the way. Lucky guy.

    Also, I love tuk tuks! I wish we had DC tuk tuks, although they really should be electric. The 2 cycle engines that power them are horribly polluting. They are fast, efficient, cheap, and fun!


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